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So EV – which one??

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So I’m getting closer to switching to an EV – but which one?

The only series hybrid I’ve considered is the Nissan Note e-Power, but can’t find any support for it in Australia (it’s imported). Doesn’t bode well if I want/need a new lithium battery, or even more mundane parts/repairs. So I’d suggest it’s out.

So for pure EV’s I’m down to a Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq Electric or MG ZS EV. The Zoe was almost in there but they only offer AC charging and are extremely rare. Same with the BMW i3 REx, along with crazy dear insurance and tyre worries.

I’m leaning towards the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. It seems to have slightly better efficiency than the Leaf, better range than the MG ZS EV, and be slightly better prices than both.

Given my budget, it’s going to be second hand (if still quite new). Given the newness of EV’s in Australia and COVID/chip shortages, there won’t be much wiggle room for price.