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Overheating/stress & recovery

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So I’ve experienced a fair bit of overheating this summer, and knowing the effects on my MS has made it much more manageable – at least when I recognise a likely bad situation before heading into it.

It’s got me to thinking of analysing in more detail which exact causes of heat tend to trigger it most (humidity, outright heat, necessary fast pace/increased concentration on speed of motion/balance, stress, ?).

Also how the body feels during it, and during recovery.

20200112: Today I was travelling fairly well, until trying making lunch (burgers w/beef, bacon, etc). It involved oven and gas cooking, task focus (I’m not commonly a cook), some bending, lots of turning, and time stress. My instinct is that the heat was minimal as was the bending, however the task focus, time stress and turning/standing was significant.

20201222: Today I pushed myself a bit (to where Google Fit judged my movement as exerting) a few times during the day. Nap in between. I think as long as I rest decently between exertions I recover enough for another round. And unfortunately the nap is just managing MS fatigue, but doesn’t necessarily mean I awake more coordinated or less stiff. It’s early summer and reasonably warm, a bit humid, yet it was really only the end of pushing my movement (crowded shopping centre) and after a big meal, that coordination, muscle strain and fatigue suffers.