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On brevity. And focus.

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It's me, only smallerRecently I’ve been impressed by how well targeted Twitter’s recommendations to me have been, for people I may like to follow. I’m sure it’s based on a simple algorithm related to like minds, etc. Still, it’s getting to be as good as Amazon’s (admittedly narrowly focused) recommendations for reading.

It highlighted some new people; I checked them out (their tweets, their sites); I followed them. It occurs to me that as well as thought provoking tweets and posts, these people also tend to have well designed personal sites in common. And by well designed I don’t just mean visually appealing, although they often are. I mean, well thought out.

I love their choices of menus, and of menu labels. It bespeaks a focused mind, with a clear vision of what they are trying to say. I dare say I would give that weight in deciding whether to listen to what they say, and on whether to approach them when I need certain types of work done, which I think they would suit.