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Return to work(place)

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So finally COVID is calming where we are to where my workplace is having people come back to the office. I’m sure it will be different to before (pump sanitisers everywhere, maybe something to do with COVID testing, etc), yet it fills me with equal parts eagerness and trepidation.

One the one hand, more opportunities to move, to interact, and just be present. On the other hand given my MS, new terrains and circumstances, temperatures, etc to have to adjust to. Hopefully the mindfulness I’ve been practicing will pay off, and (after the initial drama) the extra exercise will only benefit me.

I’ll have to consider what adjustments to make to my work day. Maybe a different chair/desk setup (better heights/closeness to keyboard). Figuring out whether I need to lug home the work laptop and brick, or can operate after hours off my travel laptop. Whether to totally break down my home setup, or work from home some days. Being more observant of the room temperature, and of how I can adjust to handle it. Different food options. Different exercise options.

So much to consider.

UPDATE 20201101: I lowered by chair, try to move frequently, use the home/travel laptop (Surface Book) for a/h work, and wear jumpers to work. Presently I take simple meals from home to work (cheaper), and haven’t yet considered working from home some days, though once year 2 of Mavenclad is in full swing I may consider it, depending what my lymphocyte levels drop to.