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Suffering from Long Lockdown

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Last year’s lockdown didn’t seem as bad. I think we were all more shell shocked and just rolled with it.

But this year is really starting to grind. Last year knocked my MS and hence me around a bit, and another long stint of minimal movement is taking its toll. I worry ever more about how most families (and the businesses that provide their income) are coping. At the same time, it’s never been adequately studied and projected what the likely effects will be of reopening when most of our next generation aren’t vaccinated.

From what I’ve heard the government hasn’t done as much/enough this time to support those suddenly cut off from their financial lifeline, which makes it hard to do the little things like afford to eat (let alone pay bills). But if we do throw everything open, what guarantees/protections do we have in place for the children – or are we expected to regress to pre vaccine times where people had to be more prosaic about maybe none of their children reaching adulthood?