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Pt3: Automating a/c – OK OK inferring is hard

After much tinkering, attempting to accurately infer the a/c state by just the climate sensors I am ready to admit defeat. I had accuracy to >95% – but as I discovered, that was only for certain situations. By that I mean that it was quite accurate at predicting if the a/c was on, in a…
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2021-12-29 0

Pt2: Automating a/c w/o knowing state nor toggle success

This is a follow-up to the initial post on attempting to automate control of a manual air conditioner, using only climate sensors, a switchbot button, and node-red. First, some caveats: the node-red VM has access to bluetooth hardware which can talk to the switchbot, the sensors handle sending in climate updates to node-red, where we…
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2021-12-23 1