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Is our love with online services tainting our social networking? Or, the evils of social automation

While Twitter is still about people, almost despite the marketeered-to company follow-zombies, more of us are (perhaps unwittingly) shooting ourselves in the foot on Twitter in much the same way. Twitter is full of company and marketeering follow-bots. You know the type – at best they look like interesting accounts and you follow them, only…
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2014-06-22 0

Do we need a real social platform for B2B?

An ongoing court case against LinkedIn has just been given the green light again, allowing them to (attempt to) be taken to task about their spammy behaviour. I’ve long been wary of LinkedIn’s methods (and oddly, about their platform design, the clunkiness of which give it a vibe of unprofessionalism to me). I assume that they are…
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2014-06-15 0