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Neural plasticity for the win

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So my MS has advanced to where my right leg is decidedly stiffer/more spastic upon normal speed movement, and in general. Along with the usual litany of other stuff.

However I’ve been noticing in the last couple of days a subtle change in that leg. Even though decent balance is still a fairly manual concentration thing, the leg has begun showing that if I concentrate on forcing it to move more quickly/correctly – it can now do it!

I doubt my MS DMD is the cause, as I believe those drugs are simply about you not getting worse, not about you getting better. I’m kind of at a loss to explain it otherwise though – however I have been 1) doing an exercise with MS study/project with Murdoch uni (GEMS), and 2) concentrating when walking, on speed etc of walking to match the now uneven nerve signal speeds to some of the muscles in that leg.

While it’s too early to say for sure, for the moment I’m going to consider it neural plasticity for the win.